Silt Worm™

—  Sediment control logs


Silt-Worms are ideal for use in curb and channel applications, swail drains or on erodable slopes.
Silt-Worms filter silt and gross pollutants from being washed into grates, drains, underground pipes and watercourses.


Sit-Worms are:

  • Very effective storm water and sediment filter
  • Organic, biodegradable, and where appropriate, can be left in situ to biodegrade
  • Designed with two base flaps to control sediment and erosion, helping to prevent undercutting
  • Ready made for use - no filling required
  • Low-cost, effective sediment and erosion control structures
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, freight and install.
  • Filled with rice husks that are an agricultural surplus


  • Building construction sites
  • Use around stockpiles, soil and bark etc
  • Preliminary filter around or along silt fencing
  • Embankments and steep batters
  • Swail drains and areas susceptible to erosion