Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent™ NEW


15 L Drum (Ingredients individually packed) 
Sen-Tree TM Browsing Deterrent (formerly WR1) is an egg-based adhesive compound, added to an adhesive polymer. This is then sprayed onto the foliage of the plant. Once semi-dry (tacky) sprinkled the Silicone Carbide grit is shaken onto the foliage. The combination of odour and grit have a recurring deterrent affect through learned association. Be sure to read the information provided on the product page or contact us for more information. If you require a sprayer to assist applying Sen-tree TM, go to the Sprayers section of this website. Product testing  has shown that this product is most effective on certain varieties of natives and particularly eucalypts. Covers 9000 plus plants!
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  • Prevents Bennets wallabies;black wallabies;  red-necked wallabies; pretty-faced wallabies; rabbits; and Tasmanian pademelons
  • Non toxic
  • Doesnt effect plant growth 
  • Two active ingredients 
  • Browsing animals dettered by scent and taste
  • Suitable for large or small scale planting
  • Exclusive to Sure Gro Tree max