Recycled Fibre Mats

—  Recycled fibre weed suppression mats


Recycled Fibre Mats are high density and have been needle-punched and heat bonded to form a mat thick enough to suppress most weeds and control soil erosion in water flow conditions.
Available in 2 sizes
370mm x 370mm including plant and stake slits
600mm x 600mm including plant and stake slits


Recycled Fibre Mats are:

  • Long-lasting weed suppression
  • Used to resist erosion and assist in plant establishment
  • Aesthetically pleasing and textural landscape material
  • Clean, easy to cut
  • Pre-slit for easy planting

Pre-Cut weed control mats for:

  • Revegetation
  • Parks and gardens
  • Inaccessible sites
  • Roadside plantings
  • Wetlands
  • Flood zones
  • Ideal for use with our range of Treeguards