Planting Tablets

—  Osmocote Exact Planting Tablets NEW


N.P.K. :N14 + P3.5 + K9.1 + 1.2MG + TE. RELEASING OVER 8-9 MONTHS.
Osmocote Exact Tablets offer the chance to give very accurate doses of nutrients in a simple fashion. Due to its cone-like shape, the tablet can be pushed down easily into the soil or growing medium.
They are built with an environmentally friendly adhesive which is water soluble. After watering the plants the tablets fall apart and are locked within the soil or growing medium.
Osmocote Exact Tablets are often applied into container plants and hanging baskets right before delivery in order to ensure there is proper nutrition for the consumer.
Due to the exact nature of release, they are safe for all plants.
1,500 Tablets per box.

  • Small in size, big in value
  • Ideal for use in revegetation and landscaping 
  • Safe for use in planting out of Australian natives
  • Safe to apply in the planting hole 
  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Patented Osmocote Exact technology, safe for the environment with minimal leaching
  • Economical with release tailored to the needs of the crop - no surplus, no loss 

Used mainly within Landscaping and Revegetation sectors. Exact dosage ensures minimal damage to developing sapling.