—  Steel fastening pins & Cobber pin gun


All pins are manufactured from 100% recycled steel with sharp pointed ends for easy soil penetration.
Flat top on the pins helps to prevent the textile from tearing and makes them easy to hammer into place.
Pins sizes can be custom manufactured to suit the customers’ requirements. A minimum quantity may apply.
After years of research and continuous field testing, Treemax has secured the most advanced equipment for fastening erosion control materials. Up to 60 pins per minute can be expected to be installed using the COBBER pin gun.
Constructed from the lightest weight structural materials, the COBBER pin gun has been designed for excellent performance on sites up to 45 degrees gradient. To accommodate this the handle is fully adjustable and can rotate 90 degrees.

  • Fixing geotextiles and weed matting
  • Securing Irrigation Pipe
  • Securing bird netting, sediment and windbreak materials