—  Rigid tree guard


Greenguards - Australian Made triangular corflute treeguard in a variety of sizes, complete with a unique tab system allowing the guard to be opened up, laid flat for storage and re-used.
Eziguards - includes a welded seam allowing the product to be easily spring into shape reducing installation time. Eziguards are manufatured in Australia from quality UV stabilised corflute.
Both Eziguards and Greenguards are extensively used on roadside amenity plantings and in horticultural tree crop plantings.
The strength of GreenGuard and Eziguard's rigid triangular structure along with the rigid corflute board prevents flapping in the wind, and provides protection from damaging winds, herbicides and pests.

  • The unique front tab system allows easy access to developing trees for pruning and maintenance.
  • Corflute guards can be installed and removed very quickly.



Often used where aesthetics are important and on:

  • Road sides
  • Windy sites
  • Cold areas
  • High profile sites
  • Rock soils
  • Olive plantations
  • Horticultural crops
  • Housing developments