Revegetation over Trunk Sewer
September-October 2012
The Landscape Construction Company
The Landscape Construction Company
Deebing Heights, Queensland

In September 2012, The Landscape Construction Company contacted Treemax to discuss costing and availability of Recyled Fibre Weed Suppression matting, and Eziguard – Rigid CorefluteTree Guards, which were specified on the Deebing Heights Trunk Sewer Revegetation project. The specifier was Saunders Havill Landscape Architects. 
Storm activity and rainfall can, and is expected to affect the establishing vegetation over the Trunk Sewer in some sections of this site. Other smaller areas utilised a 100mm deep mulch layer instead. The planned revegetation requires protection whilst at its most vulnerable, so Recycled Fibre in conjunction with Eziguards were the preferred option in this situation. The site has mild to moderate slopes in varying degrees, leading down to a small local waterway running parallel to the Trunk Sewer (sloping from the left hand side of the top photo, and down to the right hand side of the photo as shown).
This Trunk Sewer will service the several newly constructed subdivisions in the Deebing Heights locality.
In September, just over 4,000m2 of Recover was installed (pinning rate of 3 pins per m2), prior to the revegetation stage taking place in early October 2012. The Revegetation stage allowed for 8,000 No. Eziguard Standard 450mm high x 140mm sides, using one stake per each guard (750mm high x 18mm x 25mm).